Jonathan Foreman is an editor and writer. He was the executive editor and co-founder of the new Mumbai-based magazine Indian Quarterly (IQ), and is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Civitas Institute for the Study for Civil Society in London for whom he wrote the book “Aiding and Abetting” (2013). With a background in law his primary areas of interest are foreign aid, urban policy, security and defence, South Asian affairs and film (He is a former film critic for the New York Post and chairman of the New York Film Critics Circle). He is a frequent contributor to a variety of magazines in the UK, US and India.

Latest Articles:

  • The Timothy Hunt Witch Hunt (Commentary Sept. 2015) What Really Happened in the Tim Hunt Affair and Why It Matters In 1983, the British biochemist Timothy Hunt discovered cyclins, a family of proteins that help regulate the life of cells. Eighteen years later, in 2001, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. Between June 8 and June 10 of this year, ...
  • Rwanda, Britain, and the Strange Case of General Karake (Politico Aug. 19, 2015) Why Does Europe Hound Rwanda - A self-reliant, tough, no-nonsense country is hard to patronize, perhaps? Supporters of Rwandan General Karenzi Karake celebrate after he was granted bail | Getty Travelers queuing at London’s Heathrow airport two months ago witnessed something peculiar: the very public arrest of Rwanda’s intelligence chief, Lt. Gen. Karenzi Karake, as he was leaving ...
  • Reparations for the Raj? Mr Tharoor, you must be joking! (Politico Aug 3, 2015) The controversial Indian politician Shashi Tharoor sparks a polemical debate at the Oxford Union LONDON — An Oxford Union debate in which a senior Indian legislator, Shashi Tharoor, made a very funny speech last week calling for Britain to make reparations to India for the sins of the Raj, ignited a social media firestorm that culminated ...

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