Jonathan Foreman is an editor and writer. He was the executive editor and co-founder of the new Mumbai-based magazine Indian Quarterly (IQ), and is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Civitas Institute for the Study for Civil Society in London for whom he wrote the book “Aiding and Abetting” (2013). With a background in law his primary areas of interest are foreign aid, urban policy, security and defence, South Asian affairs and film (He is a former film critic for the New York Post and chairman of the New York Film Critics Circle). He is a frequent contributor to a variety of magazines in the UK, US and India.

Latest Articles:

  • Why the UK’s “Prevent” strategy Isn’t working (Spectator Blog June 18, 2015) Telling young men that ISIS is ‘dangerous’ will only encourage them to go “The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had’ When we were both sixteen, my then-best friend Dave carved the above lyric on his school desk. It was from the song ‘Mad World’ by the band Tears for Fears and we ...
  • It’s Crazy to Cut Defence and then Boost Foreign Aid (Daily Express June 5, 2015) BOTH David Cameron and George Osborne have stated at various times that the defence of the realm is the first duty of any government. Despite this and despite the PM’s urging fellow Nato leaders to spend the required minimum of two per cent GDP on defence, the Government has announced that the UK’s fast-shrinking and demoralised Armed Forces ...
  • In Defense of Tony Blair, Peace Envoy (Politico.eu May 28, 2015) The former prime minister worked hard on the Middle East. But it was an impossible job. LONDON — You don’t have to be a devoted fan of Tony Blair to see that the mockery he has received concerning his resignation as Middle East peace envoy is unfair. Much of the criticism he received during his eight years ...

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