Jonathan Foreman is an editor and writer. He is the executive editor and co-founder of the new Mumbai-based magazine Indian Quarterly (IQ), and a Senior Research Fellow at the Civitas Institute for the Study for Civil Society in London for whom he wrote the book “Aiding and Abetting” (2013). With a background in law his primary areas of interest are foreign aid, urban policy, security and defence, South Asian affairs and film (He is a former film critic for the New York Post and chairman of the New York Film Critics Circle). He is a frequent contributor to a variety of magazines in the UK, US and India.

Latest Articles:

  • A Dream of Scottish Secession (Standpoint Mag Online, 9 Sept, 2014) A year after the UK signed the Separation Agreement with Scotland, and two years after the Independence Referendum, negotiations between the two countries are dragging contentiously on. The remaining nations of newly dismembered Great Britain are in the painful throes of constitutional reorganization. Relations between Westminster and Edinburgh are chilly at best. Nevertheless, Scotland’s President, Alex ...
  • Can An Independent Kurdistan Reshape the Middle East (Newsweek Jul. 29, 2014)   When Isis militants stormed the Iraqi city of Mosul in June, the disastrous fragility of Iraq’s armed forces was laid bare.  It also ignited a process that may lead to the setting up of the world’s first independent Kurdish state. Since the departure of US forces from Iraq in 2011, relations between the Iraqi administration led ...
  • Building the US-Kurdistan Special Relationship (WSJ, July 10, 2014) A U.S. base in Kurdistan would improve the U.S.’s strategic position in the region while guaranteeing Kurdish independence.  The Iraqi government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is reeling from the sudden loss of key northern cities to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham. Baghdad is looking increasingly to Iran and Russia for military assistance. That’s ...

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