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The Al Jazeera producer Rosie Garthwaite draws on her experiences as well as those those of other battle-hardened foreign correspondents for her new book It is a dusty but relatively cool Saturday afternoon in the Qatari capital of Doha when I meet Rosie Garthwaite at the headquarters of Al Jazeera English. The news studio where she [Read more…]

Exile on Jermyn Street (Standpoint July/Aug 2009)

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Exile on Jermyn Street (Standpoint July/Aug 2009)

Blacklisted by Hollywood, my father Carl Foreman made a new life in Britain. But he never forsook the country of his birth Funerals feel more natural in the winter. It’s as if death and loss ought to be accompanied by darkness and bad weather. My father’s took place on a perfect summer day in Los Angeles [Read more…]

Underrated: Theodore Dalrymple (Standpoint Sept. 2011)

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Regular readers of Theodore Dalrymple will not have been surprised by the looting that spread through London and then to other English cities in early August. Indeed, one of the fascinating and appalling aspects of these disturbances, beyond the gleeful contempt for the law shown by the looters, and the complacency of the police who allowed [Read more…]

Mob Happy - Interview with Edie Falco (Telegraph magazine July 2002)

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Edie Falco was plodding along a well-trodden route to film stardom: drama school and waitressing. Then ‘The Sopranos’ came along, changed her life and made her a must-have for the high priest of Indie movies. Overnight success took Edie Falco a hard decade and a half. Much of it was spent waiting on tables and looking [Read more…]

Whether photographing the victims of flood-ravaged Pakistan or Somalis risking their lives to flee their country, Alixandra Fazzina focuses on the human consequences of crisis. It is the middle of the night and less than 48 hours until her book launch in London, but the photographer Alixandra Fazzina is in a 4 x 4 vehicle, bumping, lurching and [Read more…]

Paul Johnson's "Winston Churchill, Distilled" (Wall Street Journal Dec. 11 2009)

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Paul Johnson is the most celebrated and best-loved British historian in America, especially by readers of a conservative bent. Astonishingly prolific, he has over three decades produced a series of serious best sellers, all of which present a refreshingly revisionist take on their subjects. Most controversial of all, perhaps, was his defense of Richard Nixon in [Read more…]

With one close friend and partner in hedonism — producer Don Simpson –dead, and another — Warren Beatty — enjoying domesticity and fatherhood, writer-director James Toback (whose extraordinary “Black and White” opens today) looks like the last of the larger-than-life Hollywood filmmakers. It’s hard to imagine any of today’s up-and-coming independent filmmakers — let alone the colorless [Read more…]

He is the outstanding chronicler of the Anglophone Caribbean, the brightest literary beacon of the Indian diaspora and arguably Britain’s greatest living writer. But V.S. Naipaul, prized by millions of readers for his precise language and thought and recent winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize for Literature, is just about the last author one would expect [Read more…]

The last enclave of pagan tribespeople in remotest Pakistan might already have fallen to the combined ravages of modernity and militant Islam were it not for a redoubtable, eccentric Englishwoman. The journey to Birir in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan takes you along a terrifying jeep track of 11 hairpin miles. It winds so sharply [Read more…]

After a disastrous attempt to climb K2, former US Army medic Greg Mortenson had to be nursed back to health by the inhabitants of a remote and impoverished Pakistani village. He vowed to repay them by building a local school, and has now built more than 60 in similar areas across south Asia. Jonathan Foreman meets [Read more…]