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From the Red Scare hearings of the 1940s to the Clinton administration’s post-Littleton probe into the entertainment industry announced this Tuesday, government intrusion in the entertainment industry is an ill wind that has never blown anyone any good—in this country or anywhere else. Following a recommendation in last month’s Senate crime bill, the president has ordered [Read more…]

Has the Surge made life better in Iraq? Even folks like Angelina Jolie — no fan of President Bush — are admitting that it has, writes Jonathan Foreman. March 17, 2008 The “Surge” has not “won” the war at a stroke. It has not brought all of America’s troops home. It has not enabled Iraqi parliamentarians to [Read more…]

(Winner of the 2009 SAJA award for  outstanding editorial/commentary on South Asia, or South Asians in North America) Jan. 28       In the days since Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, much has been revealed, though little about the murder itself. Its culprits and even its means remain a mystery shrouded in rumor. What did become all too clear [Read more…]