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My new book Aiding and Abetting, Foreign Aid Follies and the 0.7% Deception is published today by Civitas. The press release is here. One of the book’s suggestions: that some of the UK’s bloated foreign aid budget be transferred to the UK military for “dual-use” heavy lift capacity, as well as its general criticism of UK government aid policy, was picked up by several of the UK newspapers today:

Daily Telegraph – Divert Billions From Aid Budget to Turn Britain into ‘Foreign Aid Superpower’, Civitas Report Says,

The Independent – Give Overseas Aid to MoD and BBC, Says Thinktank

Daily Mail – Foreign Aid? Simply a Ruthless, Self-Indulgent Con Job Says Scathing Study

Daily Express – Stop Blowing Our Billions on Foreign Aid, Prime Minister David Cameron is Told.

The Daily Mail also ran a “digest” of the book under my name, entitled How Your Money is Squandered on Foreign Aid.

The Amazon link to the book is here though apparently they ran out of stock today and will take a couple of days to get more copies.


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