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Exchange of letters on Aid with Andrew Mitchell in the Spectator

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Andrew Mitchell the former Minister for International Development was among those who responded to my and Justin Shaw’s articles on DfID and the Aid Industry on the Spectator letters page in the 12th Jan issue. The key paragraph was this one: The sceptics question the results. How about the 11 million children in school who wouldn’t [Read more…]

In the Spectator: 'The Aid Delusion'

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I have the cover story in the January 5th Spectator (“The Aid Delusion”) along with Justin Shaw whose piece The Greening Challenge is vital for UK aid watchers.

The Great Aid Mystery (The Spectator 5/Jan/2013)

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The Great Aid Mystery (The Spectator 5/Jan/2013)

One of the more bizarre mysteries of contemporary British politics is the ironclad, almost fanatical intensity of the government’s commitment to foreign aid spending and the activities of DFID, the Department for International Development. It is bizarre because the Prime Minister talks about foreign aid as if it’s all about famine relief and saving children’s lives. [Read more…]

Modern War; Modern Media #1

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Alastair Horne, author of “Savage War of Peace” has an interesting blog piece in today’s Spectator in praise of the late “Stormin Norman Schwarzkopf. In it he touches on a subject dear to my heart: the strategic challenges presented to military leaders by the modern 24 hour media: I asked Schwarzkopf what had been his biggest [Read more…]

"Aiding and Abetting" is published today

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My new book Aiding and Abetting, Foreign Aid Follies and the 0.7% Deception is published today by Civitas. The press release is here. One of the book’s suggestions: that some of the UK’s bloated foreign aid budget be transferred to the UK military for “dual-use” heavy lift capacity, as well as its general criticism of UK [Read more…]